“Linux as a Catalyst for a Smarter Planet” at Novell BrainShare

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On Tuesday morning, March 23, at 10:30 in Salt Lake City, Jean Staten Healy and I will be presenting a talk called “Linux as a Catalyst for a Smarter Planet” at Novell’s BrainShare conference. The talk is coded as SPR201 and will be in room 150 G.

Smarter Planet graphic

Here’s the abstract:

Our world is going through a massive transformation, as computers are embedded into everything from cars to power grids, all these devices are then interconnected through the Internet, and the massive amounts of data are analyzed and can be turned into knowledge and insight. This transformation is turning our world into a smarter planet, and with this knowledge we can reduce cost and waste, improve efficiency and productivity, and raise the quality of everything from our products, to our companies, to our cities, to our world. Linux is a major catalyst for a Smarter Planet, because unlike other operating systems it is cross-platform and can run everything from embedded processors, to the routers which power the Internet, to the supercomputers which analyze the data in real time. This presentation will discuss the potential of smarter cities, smarter healthcare, and smarter retailing; the role of Linux as a technology enabler in these systems; and the case studies and business results already being realized by governments and companies around the world who are helping transform our smarter planet.

If you are at the conference please stop by to see the talk or at least say hello. See you there!