Webcast: “Cloud Computing Made Easy with IBM and Linux”

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Judith Hurwitz, Adam Jollans, and I are hosting a webcast on Wednesday, March 17, at 12 noon ET called “Cloud Computing Made Easy with IBM and Linux.”

From the description:

If you are implementing cloud computing, or considering clouds but still have questions, don’t miss this webcast. You will learn about cloud computing in simple, straightforward terms, from industry analyst, Judith Hurwitz, author of the new white paper on Linux and Cloud Computing, and co-author of “Cloud Computing for Dummies.” Find out why Linux is so well suited for cloud applications and how IBM’s cloud offerings and Linux make cloud computing easy from Dr. Robert Sutor, IBM Vice President, Open Source and Linux. Hear Judith’s top predictions for clouds in 2010 and get some practical guidance on implementing cloud computing in your organization in this webcast.

Please join us! Attendees will receive the complimentary white paper “Linux and Commercial Software: Combining to Support the Cloud Environment” by Judith Hurwitz.