Daily links for 04/23/2010

WordPress › Blog » Secure File Permissions Matter “If you’re a web host and you turn a bad file permissions story into a WordPress story, you’re doing something wrong.” tags: wordpress Four Considerations When Using Open Source in Production | NetworkWorld.com Community “IT staff and developers often overlook non-technical considerations…

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Daily links for 04/22/2010

WhiteHouse.gov Releases Open Source Code | The White House “As part of our ongoing effort to develop an open platform for WhiteHouse.gov, we’re releasing some of the custom code we’ve developed. This code is available for anyone to review, use, or modify. We’re excited to see how developers across the…

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Math Quick Take: Repeating Decimals

When students first start learning about fractions and decimals, they see that

Some of the decimals are simple and others repeat, but evidently in a pretty straightforward way. Then they see

Where did that come from? Continuing a bit further

Has sanity returned? But then


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Daily links for 04/15/2010

Politics of Open Source “The Politics of Open Source is the Journal of Information Technology and Politics’ 2nd annual thematic conference. The conference examines Free/Libre and Open Source Software, the movement surrounding it, and the political issues associated with it. Information about previous JITP conferences is available at www.umass.edu/jitp.” tags:…

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Daily links for 04/13/2010

The Associated Press: Icon Hank Williams receives Pulitzer citation “Hank Williams, the country pioneer who is among the most influential singer-songwriters in music, was given a special Pulitzer Prize citation. The Pulitzer board awarded the late singer for his lifetime achievement, based on a confidential survey of experts in popular…

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Math software in the age of the iPad and other tablets

Will the next generation of tablets lead to new and better user interfaces for mathematical software? Will this encourage the use of tablets in education? Back in the 80s and 90s I was a member of the Mathematical Sciences Department in IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY. Under the leadership…

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Daily links for 04/01/2010

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Expands Technology Innovation Spanning Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments – MarketWatch “Red Hat, Inc. (RHT 29.27, +0.34, +1.18%) , the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the availability of the fifth update to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform, Red Hat…

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