Daily links for 07/01/2010

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  • “The sudden rise and fall of the Kin is a clear pointer to the fact that Microsoft has no clear mobile strategy. The company is flailing wildly, throwing money about like it’s a solution to everything. It isn’t. the phrase that lingers in my head to describe Microsoft’s current mobile plan is “here today, gone tomorrow …”.”

    tags: microsoft kin

  • “Conde Nast Digital has released yesterday a new issue of its Wired Magazine app for the iPad and in the process has revamped a bit its approach to tablet magazines. When the first Wired Magazine app was released in May for $4.99, it contained only the June electronic issue of the technology magazine. The new app however is free and contains previews of past and current issues of the magazine and will be updated monthly. Now users can determine which issues to purchase based on their preferences.”

    tags: magazine wired iPhone

  • “Open source software monitoring and management services delivered as part of a subscription package are not uncommon. Could it be that the key to differentiation in the long-term is not products or services, but data? That’s one possibility. What are the others?”

    tags: open-source

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