Daily links for 08/03/2010

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  • “When you are evaluating an open source development tool, how important is the kind of license it uses to you? Let us know by answering this poll question.”

    tags: linux open-source poll

  • “Between ext3, ext4, reiserfs and others, Ubuntu has no shortage of file systems to choose from when installing a new system. And those options are set to become yet more numerous in Ubuntu 10.10, which will introduce support for btrfs. Wondering what this new file system is all about and why it might matter to you? Read on for an introduction.

    Introduced last year, btrfs is a new file system intended to address the shortcomings in ext4, which is currently the default choice for Ubuntu and most other Linux distributions. While ext4 is pretty robust and efficient, it lacks some advanced features, such as support for snapshots and advanced scalability, that are particularly important in the enterprise environment.”

    tags: linux ubuntu btrfs ext4

  • “Linux users might make up a small part of your user base, but they’re technologically savvy, engaged, and often quite vocal. You’ll win some well-earned appreciation and support by serving your Linux users’ needs in allowing them to see your site in “their” fonts. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.”

    tags: linux fonts typography

  • “We should start every discussion in free software with a mutual reminder of the fact that we have far more in common than we have differences, that individual successes enrich all of us far more in our open commons-based economy than they would in a traditional proprietary one, that it’s better for us to find a way to encourage others to continue to participate even if they aren’t necessarily chasing exactly the same bugs that we are, than to chastise them for thinking differently.”

    tags: shuttleworth ubuntu linux open-source

  • “Bing can keep pumping out new features, and Google can keep copying them. This deprives Bing of claiming it offers something Google doesn’t.

    With Google matching Bing’s feature sets, there is no practical differentiator. That’s a huge competitive advantage for Google and a big reason why Bing will never beat the Google gorilla.

    Of course, Google won’t beat Facebook in the social arena. Maybe Facebook and Microsoft should just get together and become more cozy than a simple search integration.”

    tags: google bing microsoft

  • “Bottom line: “WinPads” are still about a year away, I’m predicting. Expect Microsoft execs to downplay the coming Windows Embedded Compact slates and start acknowledging that this year’s Windows 7 slates are business-centric devices. Instead of risking another Kin debaucle (launching then pulling a misguided product at great cost), Microsoft is rethinking its answer to the iPad. Better late than lame….”

    tags: microsoft apple ipad slate

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