Daily links for 10/12/2010 – OpenJDK edition

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  • “Today’s announcement that IBM will collaborate on OpenJDK comes at an important time for the Java community. For years, Java developers wondered if Sun would ever open source Java. Recently, some have questioned Oracle’s commitment to open source. Today’s announcement may mean the most support for OpenJDK since its announcement with two major and well-funded sponsors in Oracle and IBM. It also appears to solidify Oracle’s commitment to an open source Java. It is certainly in IBM’s interest to have an open source Java, but it also can aid Oracle in terms of credibility in the Java community. OpenJDK offers one of those proverbial “win-win” situations for these two companies, but should benefit the rest of us “little people” as well.”

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  • “Oracle and IBM have announced that they are to collaborate on the development of the OpenJDK reference implementation of the Java language. The two companies say they will make the OpenJDK community “the primary location for open source Java SE development” and have affirmed their intention to retain the JCP (Java Community Process) as the primary standards body for Java specification work. There is also a commitment to “enhance the JCP” from the two companies.”

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  • “That’s not to say that OpenJDK didn’t also have its supporters. Red Hat and Canonical were early OpenJDK supporters. So why is IBM now supporting OpenJDK?”

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  • “The IBM-Oracle partnership is about showing that the two largest players in Java are on the same page, said analyst Al Hilwa, of IDC.”

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  • “So what’s best for the Java ecosystem? I believe that compatibility is vital, and rather than risk divergence the right thing is to bring the key platform development groups together on a common codebase. Lessons learned on Project Harmony will be of value to OpenJDK, and I know there is immense mutual respect between the IBM and Oracle engineers.”

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  • “Today’s announcement that IBM is going to join forces and work with Oracle on OpenJDK is good news for Java, and by extension for Eclipse. All of us who live within the Java ecosystem need to recognize that this fundamentally strengthens the platform, enhances the business value of Java and offers the hope of an increased pace of innovation.”

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