Daily links for 10/21/2010

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  • “At the Alfresco Developer Conference, currently being held in Paris, The H took the opportunity to ask John Newton, CTO of Alfresco, why the change had taken place. The company is currently in the process of remodelling how it handles licences and is in the process of removing LGPL components such as Hibernate. He says that this was the “primary reason” for removing Hibernate and would allow the company “more freedom and flexibility to make some decisions”. Once LGPL’d jBPM has been replaced with Activiti, there will be no LGPL components in Alfresco’s ECM platform.”

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  • “This is not altogether a bad thing for Java. Waiting for Apple to update its official version has been a frustration for Java developers on the Mac. Now it will be clear to all users that if they want Java, they must install the Oracle JVM or another third-party implementation.

    Nevertheless, in making this statement Apple is further discouraging use of Java application on OS X.”

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  • “Two years ago, the LSE (London Stock Exchange) with its TradElec Windows-based C# and .NET programs crashed and took out the Exchange for almost 7-hours. That’s eternity in stock-market terms. Months later, the LSE’s CEO was history and the LSE announced that it was dumping TradElec. Last year, the LSE announced that it was going to move to Linux. Now, the LSE is just about ready to switch over to Linux. And, you know what? Not only does it work, the new Linux-powered LSE runs faster than any other stock-exchange on the planet.”

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  • “Mark Shuttleworth has denied that his company, Canonical, which is known in FOSS circles for its Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, has any Open Core products or any plan to accept it as a strategy.”

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  • “Red Hat, Inc. , the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that President and CEO, Jim Whitehurst, will deliver the keynote address at Interop New York. Interop aims to drive the adoption of technology, providing knowledge and insight to help IT and corporate decision-makers achieve business success.”

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