Daily links for 10/24/2010

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  • “The W3C has updated its MathML standard for rendering mathematical notation on Web pages to better portray basic math symbols, as well as render mathematic symbols in more languages.”

    tags: w3c html5 math

  • “Although Gtk+ still has value and there are a number of reasons to continue using it for building native Linux software, Qt is now the obvious choice for ISVs that are targeting multiple platforms. Qt makes it exceptionally easy to conform to the native look and feel of the underlying platform or build a totally custom user interface that is optimally suited to a target device or form factor.”

    tags: qt Open Source

  • “In fact, as previously discussed, Microsoft’s strategy turns the open core strategy on its head by encouraging open source development around a commercial core, and has been described by Microsoft as open edge, and by Andrew Lampitt (more amusingly) as open crust. We have adopted the term open edge to describe this strategy and have seen it adopted by a small number of players beyond Microsoft.”

    tags: 451 Open Source

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