Daily links for 10/31/2010

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  • “Thorn is a dynamically-typed concurrent language in which lightweight isolated processes communicate by message passing. Thorn includes powerful aggregate data types, a class-based object system, first-class functions, an expressive module system, and a variety of features supporting the gradual evolution of prototype scripts into robust programs. For an introduction please see our OOPSLA paper. Thorn is a joint effort between Purdue University and IBM Research T.J. Watson Research Center.”

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  • Scala logo

    “Although I believe Scala is a great language that is clearly superior to Java, Scala doesn’t supersede Erlang as my language of choice for building high-availability, low latency, massively concurrent applications. Scala’s Actors library is a big improvement over what Java has to offer in terms of concurrency, but it doesn’t provide all the benefits of Erlang-style concurrency that make Erlang such a great tool for the job. I did a good amount of research into the matter and these are the important differences I think one should consider when choosing between Scala and Erlang. (If I missed something or got something wrong, please let me know. I don’t profess to be a Scala expert by any means.)”

    tags: erlang scala multicore

  • “The Russian government has admitted that it’s spending almost $5 million to develop a “national” operating system, based on the open source Linux OS.”

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  • “George Lucas is generally credited with pushing the envelope in film making technology. Besides computer animation, Lucas helped pioneer the use of motion capture technology. Well if Lucas were going to film Star Wars today he might just be using both open source software and hardware to do so! Chris Church and his partners in Dynamic Perception are making motion capture and time lapse technology available to everyone via open source. Their Open MoCo project not only makes software to run cameras and equipment available under an open source license, but they also publish the specs for the hardware under an open source license as well.”

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