ApacheCon keynote presentation

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Here are the slides I used today during my ApacheCon 2010 keynote. The presentation was called “Data, Languages, and Problems” with the abstract

Much research work over the next decade will be driven by those seeking to solve complex problems employing the cloud, multicore processors, distributed data, business analytics, and mobile computing. In this talk I’ll discuss some past approaches but also look at work being done in the labs on languages like X10 that extend the value of Java through parallelism, technologies that drive cross-stack interoperability, and approaches to handling and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

image of cover slide

As I say at the end of the talk, I want to thank colleagues who have shared their time and wisdom with me on these topics. They include John Duimovich, Sam Ruby, Brent Hailpern, David Boloker, Bob Blainey, Stephen Watt, Vijay Saraswat, David Ungar, Tessa Lau, Rodric Rabbah, John Field, Martin Hirzel, and members of the IBM Research staff. I thank them for their conversations and sharing material with me, much of which I have liberally borrowed.

The presentation is also available on SlideShare.