Daily links for 12/03/2010

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  • “Thruway Authority officials and state police are acknowledging that better evacuation and road closing plans could have prevented hundreds of motorists from being stranded on the highway for hours Wednesday and Thursday in the grip of a major lake-effect snowstorm.”

    tags: buffalo weather

  • “From these results it follows as an obvious recommendation that vendors participating in open source development and business, should look into participating in collaborative community developed projects – where the standard and familiar governance form is a non-profit foundation. If a vendor is currently in control of an open source project, it should explore the option of transferring the project to an existing foundation, or alternatively creating its own foundation for it. Since the original vendor is always the strongest candidate to become the leading vendor also in a collaboratively developed project, the vendor could, as a rule of thumb, expect this strategy – if properly executed – to result in a 10x growth in the project and product, but also 10x larger addressable market, of which the vendor can expect to capture 50% or more as its own market share.”

    tags: Open Source

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