End of year update on math software for the iPad

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As we reach the end of 2010 and so the end of the first calendar year for Apple’s iPad, I decided to look around one more time at the math software available for that tablet. I’ve previously done this in several blog entries:

My opinion hasn’t changed much from July when I said there was a lot of room for improvement and innovation. There are still far too many math games and educational titles out there.

I can understand as a software developer that you might hope that your title could be the one to really make it big, but it’s a very crowded field. Anyone contemplating doing a new app in this category, indeed any iPad app category, needs to check out what has been developed and get really comfortable that what he or she will produce is new, interesting, and presumably somewhat profitable.

Also, I get nervous when I see an app that hasn’t been updated since June. There are many possible reasons for this, but the best apps are updated regularly. They add new features but they need to focus on stability, good interfaces, iOS updates, and most of all, what the existing users need. Leverage your best critics’ work to develop an app that even more people want to use.

Here are a few math-related iPad apps that are worth investigating beyond what I’ve spoken about in the past. The descriptions are from the app providers themselves:

  • OmniGraphSketcher

    “Perfect for quickly visualizing ideas and presenting them, OmniGraphSketcher for iPad helps you make elegant and precise graphs in seconds. Using simple multitouch gestures, you get the numeric precision of a charting application—with no complicated equations necessary. Whenever you need to produce a sharp-looking graph on the fly, OmniGraphSketcher for iPad combines the quantitative power of data plotting with the ease of touchscreen drawing.”

  • SpaceTime for iPad

    “SpaceTime is the award winning iPhone math app now available for iPad. From basic calculations to college calculus, SpaceTime is a full-featured graphing and mathematics application.”

  • Tex Touch

    “Tex Touch is a LaTeX code editor! Create, import, export or mail your LaTeX documents! Edit them on the go using a stunning user interface that lets you enter and navigate code at top speed!”