Daily links for 03/09/2011

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  • “Developers have to support too many OS versions and devices. The testing matrix involved in supporting multiple OS versions, multiple vendor-specific extensions, multiple hardware configurations (differences in physical screen size and resolution, with or without a hardware keyboard, BlackBerry style keyboard vs. slide-out landscape keyboard, etc.). How to you optimize for user experience across that many variants? How do you effectively test your apps across them all?”

    tags: android

  • “Embrace mobile by embracing standards: Sure, you could pay a service to parse and scrape your existing website or suck in its RSS feeds, and then generate a mobile version. But this approach both costs you ongoing money and results in a canned experience that’s rarely satisfying. It simply makes more sense to use the standard Web technologies to (re)design your website to be mobile-savvy. If you do it at the template level, you can quickly make your site — or at least huge swaths of it — mobile-friendly.”

    tags: mobile standards

  • “As an open source company, Red Hat is held to high standards. We embrace this. In 2011 you can expect us to increase our investment in open source contributions, while simultaneously competing with companies who are threatened by the continuing disruptive advancement of open source in the enterprise.”

    tags: Red Hat linux open

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