Daily links for 08/13/2011

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  • “So how do you sort through the pros and cons – and how has HTML5 thrown in a new wrench? Start with a hard look at not only the kind of experience you want to provide your customer base, but at what kind of budgets and resources you have to throw behind your efforts.”

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  • “In the mobile world, there’s no more important smartphone than the iPhone. Apple’s handset is wildly popular in every country in which it’s available. And each year, when new versions of the device are launched, people around the globe line up to be the first to get their hands on it. But so far this year, those people haven’t been able to get hands on a new iPhone model. Now, there is rampant speculation that Apple might wait a couple more months to finally offer up the next version of its smartphone. Whenever Apple finally gets around to launching a new smartphone, consumers will be quite interested to know what the device will come with. Will the next iPhone be a major upgrade over the iPhone 4, or will it simply be an evolutionary update? Will it come with a bigger screen or the same 3.5-inch option owners have grown accustomed to over the years? So far, Apple has been tight-lipped. But the rumor mill hasn’t been so silent. In fact, a host of reports have been cropping up, claiming Apple will be delivering several key improvements to the device. However, while some of those improvements make sense, others do not. Thus, it’s important for everyone to keep a level head when assessing those reports. The following slides will help folks do just that. Instead of listing every possible update that has been talked about, the following items are those that are most likely to come to the iPhone 5.”

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