Work on Google+, party on Facebook

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Several weeks ago I posted an entry on my evolving social media operating policy. I think things are even clearer now:

  • I use Google+ to follow people and topics relevant to my work and other professional interests. My posts there reflect that as well.
  • I use Facebook to follow people and topics relevant to my personal interests, as well as the non-work activities of friends and acquaintances.
  • I use Twitter because I still think I need to, but if it went away tomorrow I would not be at a loss.

I like the idea of separating work and personal interests into different sites. I’m happy to follow the same people on both Google+ and Facebook, but on the first I would rather hear about your professional activities and on the latter I would prefer to see your vacation photos. For some people I mostly care about one of these, for others both.

I know the circles idea on Google+ would allow me to tease apart these types of posts if people were consistent in how they posted and I was consistent in what I followed. It’s the early times, though, and this is how I’ve settled into using the sites. Obviously, my usage preference are just that, my own.

That said, in three months things may have shifted. For now, I don’t see Google+ or Facebook winning over the other, and I love that they are competing. I think the damage to use of Twitter by both will continue.