Daily links for 02/29/2012

  • “With these latest mobile announcements, Sutor said IBM continues to complete a set of mobile-optimized tools and capabilities to support mobile apps across their lifecycle — design, development, test, provision and operate.  But the focus goes beyond traditional SDLC, he added. Because mobile apps – whether enterprise or B2C – also often need to communicate with and access legacy resources (database, policy, security, management), the IBM announcements also deliver special mobile-optimized integration, security, compliance and management, Sutor added.”

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My Smarter Planet blog entry on Mobile

The Building a Smarter Planet site just posted a blog entry I wrote to coincide with IBM‘s activities at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The piece is called “For a Business, Mobile Apps Must be Enterprise Class.” I talk about the recent Worklight acquisition and why I would travel all the way from wintery upstate New York in the US to a Spanish city on the Mediterranean in late February.

Daily links for 02/28/2012

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Daily links for 02/25/2012

  • “A successful smartphone app is great, right? Especially when it fronts a system of engagement that lets people click and serve themselves in their moment of need rather than waiting until they can fire up a computer and go online. Or (gasp), dial the phone and tie up some customer service rep’s time in India or Africa or Fargo. The mobile engagement is 10 times more convenient than traditional Web and one tenth the cost of a call center contact. So what could possibly go wrong?”

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  • “Many companies have mobile apps at the top of their to-do lists, but while churning out a quick app is fairly straightforward, developing a strategic application or digital “solution” is considerably more complex. Smart planning is essential. Here are 10 things to consider before developing your app.”

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Interview with me on mobile

The February issue of the IBM Smart SOA & BPM Newsletter has an interview with me titled “Delivering value with mobile enterprise technologies.” From the introduction:

We asked the Vice President of IBM Mobile and member of the IBM Academy of Technology to discuss the trends in mobile computing and the advantages of these trends to businesses today. Sutor talks about the biggest challenges that organizations face when building a mobile enterprise, and how they can get started on the right path, including using security controls and standards, to achieve business value from mobile enterprise technologies.

I answered the questions:

  • What trends do you see in regard to mobile technologies and use of these technologies?
  • What advantages do these trends bring to organizations?
  • What are the biggest challenges organizations are facing in integrating mobile technology into their businesses?
  • What can businesses to do maintain security controls?
  • What role do standards play in building a mobile enterprise?
  • How can a business get started with mobile technologies?

Daily links for 02/24/2012

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Daily links for 02/23/2012

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Daily links for 02/22/2012

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Daily links for 02/21/2012

  • “Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is proud to announce the nominees for the 2011 Nebula Awards (presented 2012), the nominees for the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, and the nominees for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Book.”

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Daily links for 02/16/2012

  • IBM Docs is a new office productivity suite for working on documents, spreadsheets and presentations — together — in the cloud. With IBM Docs there is no desktop software. You only need a browser and an account, and you are able to easily create professional looking documents and share them with others. IBM Docs is simple yet powerful – letting you get started quickly, but delivering the advanced features you need.”

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  • Apple‘s giving developers a preview of the next version of Mac OS X today called Mountain Lion. The software, due out this summer, once again brings over features from Apple’s iOS.”

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  • “The Dojo Foundation today announced the Dojo Mobile 1.7 toolkit along with visual tools for mobile user interface and mobile theme construction in Maqetta Preview 4. Developers now have a complete set of mobile tools that deliver the cross-discipline, reliability and customization benefits needed by Enterprise teams. Today’s announcement represents a major milestone in delivering integrated design-to-development Cloud tooling, along with a comprehensive open source widget set for the desktop and mobile devices.”

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Daily links for 02/15/2012

  • “The flaw — which involves a small but measurable number of cases — has to do with the way the system generates random numbers, which are used to make it practically impossible for an attacker to unscramble digital messages.”

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  • “Minecraft’s open-ended creation has made it possible to recreate places and objects inside its virtual world. We’ve seen Minecraft renditions of Hyrule, the Death Star trench run from Star Wars, and even the first level of Super Mario Land. Now, one gamer used the virtual world of Minecraft to recreate Azeroth, the titular world in the massively popular World of Warcraft.”

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Podcast now available: Enterprise Mobile Management and Security

Yesterday my IBM colleagues Caleb Barlow, Vijay Dheap, Naveed Makhani and I recorded a podcast called “Enterprise Mobile Management and Security.” In it we discussed BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile management, mobile security, why mobile is posing new opportunities and challenges for IT departments, what’s new about mobile, and IBM’s announced acquisition plans around Worklight.

You can listen to it several ways:

Upcoming podcast about Enterprise Mobile Management and Security

On Monday, February 6, at 4 pm et, I’ll join my IBM colleagues Caleb Barlow, Vijay Dheap and Naveed Makhani to discuss “Enterprise Mobile Management and Security”. As you might expect, I’ll also talk about IBM’s planned acquisition of mobile application vendor Worklight.

Visit the podcast website for more information about listening in. Here’s the excerpt for the session:

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the end-point that drives business results. With the increasing trends in “bring your own device” and mobile threats doubling in 2011 how do you responsibly embrace mobile while protecting your security and IT infrastructure? In this podcast Caleb is joined by Bob Sutor, Vijay Dheap and Naveed Makhani to discuss the trends in mobile along with IBM’s intention to acquire Worklight.

Daily links for 02/01/2012

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