Daily links for 03/30/2012

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  • “City government agencies around the world continue to explore mobile applications to provide services more effectively and to reach citizens in new ways. And it’s not just for civil services — cities are embracing apps to highlight their own civic culture and even promote community action. Here are 10 cities that offer mobile apps for citizens, tourists or both. Does your city have an app? What do you like about it?”

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  • “Hearn believes that mobile app development projects will start to take security and privacy into the design process within the next two years because a lot of countries around the world are focusing on the privacy issues and starting to pass more legislation that make the penalties a lot stricter and harsher for business that don’t do it.”

    tags: mobile privacy security

  • “Mobile development has come a long way in the past few years. But as technology continues to introduce new and more innovating products at a rapid pace, there’s room for many developers to make huge mistakes along the way — ones that could jeopardize their product or even their entire business.”

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  • “We enlisted IBM’s Leigh Williamson, a Distinguished Engineer and a member of the CTO Team, to guide us through the different ways that developers can go about app testing. Testing is not as simple as a developer trying to troubleshoot the native code on an app. Mobile apps are often vertical software systems with a variety of moving parts on the front end, in the middle and in a back-end cloud. Your code on the device may be running perfectly fine, but you would never know it because it is being corrupted from the back end that feeds it information. Or maybe some of the middle-tier services, like third-party SDKs, are running improperly. When something goes wrong, sometimes it is easy to figure out what is broken. Many times, you have no idea.”

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