Introducing PureSystems, IBM’s expert integrated systems family

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ibm logoToday IBM introduced the PureSystems family to simultaneously simplify yet make more powerful the hardware and software that organizations use to power their datacenters, cloud, and other computing environments.

From the press release:

With the introduction of the new PureSystems family, IBM is unveiling three major advances that point to a new era of computing technology that is designed to allow businesses to slash the high costs and nagging complexity associated with managing information technology.

  • “Scale-In” System Design: With PureSystems, IBM is introducing a new concept in system design that integrates the server, storage, and networking into a highly automated, simple-to-manage machine. Scale-in design provides for increased density – PureSystems can handle twice as many applications compared to some IBM systems, doubling the computing power per square foot of data center space.
  • Patterns of Expertise: For the first time, IBM is embedding technology and industry expertise through first-of-a-kind software that allows the systems to automatically handle basic, time-consuming tasks such as configuration, upgrades, and application requirements.
  • Cloud Ready integration: Out of the box, all PureSystems family members are built for the cloud, enabling corporations to quickly create private, self-service cloud offerings that can scale up and down automatically.

What this means is the hardware is tightly integrated and easier to configure and maintain. The software patterns complement the hardware and accelerate the use of the systems for the types of workloads that customers really deploy. Finally, since the systems are cloud-ready, PureSystem installations can span use cases from traditional datacenters to private clouds.

This represents a US $2 Billion R&D investment by IBM. Personally, it’s been fascinating watching the pieces come together and the different parts of IBM working to create this new family of products. It’s exciting to finally be able to talk about it!

IBM recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary and talked about the many significant computing innovations it introduced during its first century. I suspect I won’t be around to see the corresponding version for the second hundred years, but I’m very confident that today’s PureSystems introduction will be front and center.

The PureSystems team producing this snazzy infographic to sum up why customers need these new systems.

IBM PureSystems Infographic - IT Headaches

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