Daily links for 05/30/2012

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  • “Based on that demand, Citrix Systems Inc., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., Progress Software, SAP AG and WSO2 are proposing an Open Data Protocol (OData) Technical Committee (TC) in the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), an international open standards consortium. Citrix, EastBanc Technologies and Viecore FSD, among many others, have recently demonstrated OData applications, and hundreds of interested parties are registered on the http://www.odata.org open community mail list.”

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  • “Microsoft, IBM and several other companies have joined forces to move the Open Data Protocol, also known as OData, to the OASIS standards body. As enterprises look for greater access to data across multiple platforms and devices, and cloud computing also plays a part in driving the need for a common approach to expose and consume data, OData represents a key opportunity.”

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  • “The information and images do back up a story published earlier this month by 9to5Mac, saying that Apple would drop Google Maps for iOS 6 in favor of its own in-house Maps app. AllThingsD received similar intel from its own sources, who described the new app as something that will “blow your head off.””

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  • “Given the continued downplaying by Microsoft of Silverlight, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Moonlight implementation of Silverlight for Linux/Unix is no more. Xamarin, the company behind the Mono open-source implementation of Microsoft’s C# and the Common Language Runtime, has abandoned the related Moonlight technology — according to Xamarin Chief Technology Officer  Miguel de Icaza.”

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