Daily links for 10/08/2012

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  • “An even bigger challenge is the coming explosion of machine-to-machine (M2M) data. Wireless sensors, for instance, are becoming commonplace in a variety of consumer and industrial devices, including vending machines, healthcare products, home security systems, and parking meters. Sensors are increasingly ubiquitous in the transportation industry, too. High-speed trains in Japan, for instance, have sensors that check for seismic activity, environmental changes, unexpected rail traffic, and other anomalies.”

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  • “Dan Feinberg, director of the Northeastern University Health Informatics graduate program, said he believes that having the ability to analyze data will eventually become the equivalent of having electricity for medical practices. It will be a necessary part of delivering care and will become central to what doctors do on a daily basis, but analytics will become such a common tool that it will cease to differentiate practices from one another.”

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  • “We’re thrilled to announce Union Metrics for Tumblr. This is the very first measurement product designed specifically for Tumblr that provides analytics based on their entire firehose of data. That includes more than 100 million Tumblr events per day. And, to add to the excitement, Tumblr has officially named us their preferred analytics provider!”

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