Daily links for 03/09/2013

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  • “A few years ago, I went looking for Python parsing tools. I spent a long time researching the various options. When I was done, I had a cheat sheet on the different alternatives. This is that cheat sheet, cleaned up a bit. It is very spotty. If you have updates to the information here, let me know. Because this is a compilation of factoids freely available on the web, it is in the public domain.”

    tags: parser python parsing library

  • ““What we’ll find is a reinvention of some very traditional processes in companies and a rethinking of how HR gets done,” she says. “It’ll be underpinned by a fact base that will inform where the highest value is to be added.””

    tags: talent

  • “So far, Samsung, taking a page from Apple’s marketing manual, has remained tight-lipped on its plans for the Galaxy S4. But just about everyone agrees that the product will be one that consumers and business users will to take a close look at.”

    tags: samsung galaxy mobile

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