What I’m Reading on 02/05/2014

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  • “Computer scientists at IBM have already built a computer that can beat human contestants on the TV quiz show, “Jeopardy.” Now it appears they’re sharpening their intellectual knives to make a computer that might someday challenge the competitors on “Iron Chef.””

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  • “”Dell has always been dedicated to driving practical innovation, which its individual business units have pursued organically and led in innovative areas such as iSCSI,” Jai Menon, vice president of research and innovation and head of Dell Research, told EE Times. “The new Dell Research organization is a recent addition to Dell’s innovation focus within the last six months, charged specifically with research and innovation from a long-range, disruptive, and pan-Dell perspective.””

    tags: dell research

  • “From Captain America and Spider-Man to Wolverine and Iron Man, Marvel Entertainment, a Disney subsidiary, has built an empire by bringing more than 8,000 characters to life through a diverse array of mediums, including comic books, movies and other entertainment properties. Now, it’s giving those characters a new medium to inhabit: the world of the API.”

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