Math, Data Science, and Cognitive Reading for 12/02/2015

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  • “Python is a great high level language for easily expressing ideas, but people don’t tend to think of it as a high performance language; for that you would want a compiled language — ideally C or C++ but Java would do. This notebook started out as a simple benchmarking of the hdbscan clustering library written in Python against the reference implementation written in Java. It still does that, but it has expanded into an explanation of why I choose to use Python for performance critical scientific computing code.”

    tags: m mathematics

  • “MathJax™ uses CSS with web fonts or SVG, instead of bitmap images or Flash, so equations scale with surrounding text at all zoom levels.”

    tags: m mathematics mathjax

  • “I’ve run across a couple web sites that let you enter a LaTeX symbol and get back its Unicode value. But I didn’t find a site that does the reverse, going from Unicode to LaTeX, so I wrote my own.”

    tags: m unicode latex

  • “At DeepMind, a Google subsidiary based in Cambridge, England, researchers have built artificial intelligence software that’s so adept at these classic games, it can sometimes beat a human player—and a professional, at that. This may seem like a frivolous, if intriguing, pursuit. But it’s a step toward something bigger. If a machine can learn to navigate the digital world of a video game, Google says, it eventually could learn to navigate the real world, too. Today, this AI can play Space Invaders. Tomorrow, it could control the robots that will build our gadgets and toys, and the autonomous cars that will drive from place to place entirely on their own.”

    tags: m atari ai google

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