Best Food Reading for 02/21/2016

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  • “To make pollo en pepitoria that was rich but balanced, we brightened the lush nut- and egg yolk–thickened sauce with canned tomatoes (more consistent year-round than fresh tomatoes) and a little lemon juice. Adding some of the braising liquid to the nut mixture when we blended it to make the sauce helped it puree thoroughly but still retain a pleasantly coarse consistency. Chicken thighs are fully cooked when they reach 175 degrees, but we purposely overcook them—and do it slowly—which allows collagen in the meat to break down into gelatin, making the meat more tender and juicy.”

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  • “Cooked is a salute to eating, celebrated by people around the world, and filmed in color so rich you can almost taste it. Pollan frequently underscores the point that cooking itself may have made humans human. And thanks to Netflix’s powerful distribution platform, documentaries like Pollan’s are easier to watch than ever before. His message, each episode of which is spearheaded by a different director, could potentially reach each of the streaming service’s 75 million worldwide members.”

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