Best Food Reading for 04/13/2016

  • “Now ATK is leaving the kitchen for a new venture. This July it will launch a website, Cook’s Science. Unlike the company’s recipe-centric legacy brands (Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country), which were started under ATK’s recently departed and controversial founder, Christopher Kimball, the new venture will focus on telling stories about food science. “We will report in the field,” said Souza, “talking to scientists, chefs, farmers and professors at universities about what they’re doing — then coming back to the test kitchen.””

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  • “On Wednesday, we got a new inkling at to what he’s up to next. Suffolk County property records indicate that Kimball is launching a new venture, CPK Media, and signed a seven-year lease at 177 Milk Street to house the company in January. The lease was filed publicly on April 1.”

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