General Reading for 07/01/2016

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  • “Eggs Benedict relies on two tricky egg-based components—poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. If you follow our method for poaching eggs, the first part is easy. Adding vinegar to the water helps to set the whites and prevents feathery whites. Cracking the eggs into the teacups and gently sliding the eggs into the salted, acidulated water ensures they all go into the water at the same time—so they all are done at the same time. Water temperature is key when poaching eggs. We bring the water to a boil and turn off the heat. We add the eggs and then quickly cover the pan. The gentle residual heat produces restaurant-worthy poached eggs with soft, runny yolks and perfectly formed, round whites.”

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  • “Lin-Manuel Miranda may have announced that he’s leaving the Broadway show “Hamilton” on July 9. But Alexander Hamilton himself, as local museums and libraries are eager to remind people, is hardly leaving New York City.”

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