General Reading for 11/05/2016

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  • “Onstage at The Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive 2016 global technology conference, Second Life creator Linden Lab demonstrated its forthcoming social virtual reality platform Sansar. It lets you create a 3-D virtual avatar and environment and then invite others to join you.”

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  • “Today, though, technology is granting Second Life creator Linden Lab a chance to squeeze a second life out of the concept. Linden calls its new project Sansar, drawing inspiration from a Sanskrit word evoking both the expansiveness of the world and the wandering of it. It’s been kicking around the idea for a while, but at the end of August it invited 200 developers to tinker with it and now it’s at last taking on a life of its own.”

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  • “For Rosedale, this was no idle consideration. In 2003, his company Linden Lab launched Second Life, an online world which its residents could alter in any way they saw fit. He believed he was creating the next internet – and, as Second Life thronged with a million avatars, building everything from jazz lounges to full-scale cities, it seemed he might be right. Ford, Sony and Dell invested in real estate. Reuters appointed a Second Life correspondent. At its peak, the site’s GDP – residents traded in Linden Dollars, perhaps the first true virtual currencies – was bigger than that of many small countries.”

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