General Reading for 11/20/2016

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  • “These festive truffles from Hannah Kaminsky, a columnist at VegNews Magazine, combine the rich flavors of pecan pie under a thin layer of smooth chocolate. Like traditional rum balls, these offer a slightly alcoholic kick, so be sure to monitor any underage guests.”

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  • “Chicken parm – crisp chicken served with tomato sauce, draped in mozzarella and anointed with grated Parmesan, served perhaps on a hero roll or beside a tangle of pasta – is among the finest dishes of the Italian diaspora in America.”

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  • “The marinades are simple (he uses a lot of mild dried red chili powder, the kind you can most easily buy in Korean markets), and the grilling technique is not difficult. But it’s unusual: he grills slowly (over briquettes fired with gas, by the way), not too close to the fire, he insists, until gorgeously browned.”

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  • “Here is a recipe for an oven-roasted version of the classic street-side flavor bomb usually cooked on a rotisserie. It is perfect for an evening with family and friends.”

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