Best Food Reading for 04/17/2017

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  • “With its spicy tomato sauce and poached eggs, Shakshuka is exactly what you need for that weekend brunch spread, says Joy Wilson in her new cookbook”

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  • “The sauce here can sort of be thought of as a lazy-man’s hollandaise, without the massive amounts of butter. So maybe it’s not like hollandaise at all. But, it’s lemony and has a mustard kick to it, and the tarragon adds a little herbal note. The thing about this sauce is that it seems like it was way harder to make than it actually was. “

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  • “As well it should: Hit asparagus just right, when slender and mossy and purply at the tips, and asparagus is springtime embodied—and, though easier to find than the ramps and fiddleheads, so green-tasting that it almost vibrates. It’s simple in a simply good sort of way. “

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