Artificial Intelligence / AI Reading for 05/28/2017

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  • “While AlphaGo is bowing out at the top, it isn’t done with Go altogether. DeepMind is planning to publish a final review paper on how the AI developed since its matches with Lee Sedol last year. It is also developing a teaching tool to help newcomers pick up the ropes of the highly complicated game, and to enable more experienced hands to learn the new and innovative moves that Go has introduced.”


  • “We’re partnering with the California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP), housed at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, to reduce the likelihood that historically disenfranchised groups are not disproportionately negatively affected by a new voting policy in California.”

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  • “Now I did promise a fluffy kitten. What if AI could be used to match rescue cats with prospective adopters? Kind of like Kitty Tinder. It would cut down the amount of time it takes to find homes for abandoned animals, which would reduce the cost of housing animals and hasten the income stream from animal sales. “


  • “But approaching a chatbot like an app is a mistake, because here’s the truth: The two aren’t created equal. Frankenstein-ing your way to a product will never be a winning formula, so it’s critical that UX designers start developing a unique set of design principles for the new conversational paradigm.”

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  • “The balance of power in technology is shifting. China, which for years watched enviously as the West invented the software and the chips powering today’s digital age, has become a major player in artificial intelligence, what some think may be the most important technology of the future. Experts widely believe China is only a step behind the United States.”

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  • “Computer processors are designed to handle pretty much anything. However, CPUs are very restricted and as such, can only perform certain mathematical calculations. Highly complicated combinations are off the table due to very long processing time. Graphics cards, on the other hand, have become so specialized that they surpass traditional processors when it comes to rendering large amounts of complex calculations.”


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