Artificial Intelligence / AI Reading for 07/08/2017

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  • “For brands and marketers, however, there are four key things to keep in mind if they’re looking to build a chatbot for their business.”

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  • “The MIT Technology Review reports that the first network created random images, then received analysis from the discriminator network. Over time, it learned to reproduce different art styles from history. But the researchers wanted to see if the system could do more than just mimic humans, so they asked the generator to produce images that would be recognized as art, but did not fit any particular school of art. In other words, they asked it to do what human artists do—use the past as a foundation, but interpret that to create its own style.”

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  • “We’re not interested in any of the bot developer frameworks because that means we’d have to hire developers and manage the whole thing ourselves. We just want to find a company that can give us a chatbot quickly and with minimal fuss. When we talk about a chatbot, we’re basically talking about the ability to understand what somebody types on any messaging platform (this is Natural Language Processing which uses AI) and then put together a response based on a set of pre-defined actions that all business have in common (check on order status, check if something is in stock) or based on a unique source of data (your customer support knowledge base).”

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  • “China’s search giant Baidu has made another acquisition to continue its push into artificial intelligence, and specifically to help it carve out a place for itself as a platform for developers who want to create chatbots and other services based on natural language technology.”

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