Best Food Reading for 07/15/2017

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  • “This Spanish-inspired marinade has a sweet, spicy, smoky flavor that works well with not only chicken but a wide range of meats and vegetables. The chicken thighs are delicious served with pearl couscous studded with dried apricots and pistachios.”

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  • “Most recipes for Louisiana gumbo start with a wet roux, a cooked paste of flour and fat that can take an hour or more to make. We streamlined this process by using a dry roux made by toasting flour in the oven, which produces the same effect as a traditional wet roux but without the oil or the need to stand over the stove and stir. Our gumbo calls for flavorful but easy-to-work-with boneless, skinless chicken thighs and andouille sausage, and we rounded out the dish by seasoning it with garlic, thyme, bay leaves, and spices. We stirred in white vinegar rather than hot sauce at the end for acidity that doesn’t add heat to an already well-seasoned dish.”

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  • “Flank steak is too long to fit in most skillets, and it’s quite thin, so it often overcooks before the exterior is well browned. The long muscle fibers tend to contract when seared, causing the steak to buckle and resist browning, and flank steak is thicker at one end, so it has a tendency to cook unevenly. We wanted an indoor cooking method that would produce a juicy, well-browned flank steak that was cooked to medium throughout.”

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  • “We wanted a bread-and-butter pickle with a crisp texture and a balance of sweet and sour—perfect for adding to a char-grilled burger. Most recipes combine cucumbers and onions in a spiced, syrupy brine; we cut back on the sugar and added red bell pepper for its fresh flavor and color. Cucumbers can lose their crunch when processed in a boiling water bath; we found that combining several crisping techniques gave us the best results. We tossed our sliced vegetables in salt to draw out excess water.”

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