Quantum Computing Topics for 07/12/2017

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  • “Quantum computers’ almost limitless potential has only ever been matched by the difficulty and cost of their construction. Which explains why today the small ones that have been built have not yet managed to exceed the power of supercomputers. But progress is being made and in 2016 the technology firm IBM provided the public access to the first quantum computer in the cloud. This has already led to more than 20 academic papers being published using the tool and today more than 50 start-ups and large corporations worldwide are focused on making quantum computing a reality. With such progress behind us, the word on people’s lips now is “Quantum Ready.””

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  • “Increased testing of quantum computing techniques will open the door to solving new kinds of problems”

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  • “What struck me with IBM’s quantum computing was that they had put it all online. I could set up an account, login, and begin learning the fundamentals of quantum computing for free, from the comforts of my home. When first released, the folks at IBM had a 5 qubit machine plugged into the internet. A year later, beta access to their 16 qubit processor is now available. If quantum computing is susceptible to Moore’s law, watch out. In two years, we could witness the birth of a 64 qubit processor—capable of processing 264 variables instantaneously—making a quantum computer faster than a traditional computer for some types of operations.”

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