Artificial Intelligence / AI Reading for 08/10/2017

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  • “Anyone who has been paying attention knows that deep learning has really taken off in the last several years. It’s powering hundreds of applications, in consumer as well as business realms, and continues to grow. One of the biggest problems holding back the further proliferation of deep learning, however, is the issue of scalability. Most AI servers today are just one single system, not multiple systems combined. The most popular open-source deep learning software frameworks simply don’t perform well across multiple servers, creating a time-consuming bottleneck. In other words, while many data scientists have access to servers with four to eight GPUs, they can’t take advantage of it and scale beyond the single node—at the end of the day, the software just wasn’t designed for it.”

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  • “When Andrew Ng announced back in June, it was hard to know exactly what the AI frontiersman was up to. In his time since departing as Baidu’s chief scientist, Ng has been developing a sequel of sorts to his popular introductory machine learning Coursera class. This go around, he is focusing specifically on deep learning.”

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