Data Science and Cognitive Reading List

Let me start first with a note on terminology. In the old days we spoke of technologies like optimization, statistics, and machine learning. At some point people started collecting these and other technologies under the name “analytics.” Then we had Big Data, and that threw in other software at the infrastructure level such as Hadoop and Spark. Some of this morphed into “data science” which is a very general term now.

Some of these technologies were combined with artificial technology and other advanced techniques and form the basis of cognitive computing. For the sake of this listing, I’m going to group under cognitive the following technologies:

Everything else I will group under data science. There are overlaps and points of contention in terms of classification, but since the main point here is to direct you to some useful material, I’m not going to debate the definitions.

Generally, I’m not going to list books about commercial products. Some of the links to Amazon are Associate links. You can work around this if you decide to purchase a book if you wish.

Data Science


Python is a full-featured modern programming language.


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