Links and comments for 8 January, 2005

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It’s been a busy week so I have nothing of great length today, just a few links and comments. I did move onto a new office this week and I’ll be spending a lot of time there vs. my home office. I wasn’t sure when I’d get back on the road for external travel but it didn’t take long to show its head again: I leave Friday for several days abroad.

  • Open-sourcing the news
    Even though there has been a lot of public debate recently about the quality and future of Wikipedia, I think it is at least a good model for projects of smaller scope by a dedicated community of experts. I’m not sure how the idea will work with news, but with all the backlash over the political agendas of big news organizations, it might be what we need to bring things back onto a more neutral footing. That is, if traditional news reforms itself because of the growth of blogs and wikis then that will probably be a very good thing.
  • ACM Queue – Fuzzy Boundaries: Objects, Components, and Web Services – It’s easy to transform objects into components and Web services, but how do we know which is right for the job?
    Interesting article connecting and comparing the technologies we’ve used to factor our applications over the last twenty years. I do hope people remember that having a Web service does not imply the use of SOAP and as the granularity of our services increase, we may be able to optimize some Web service invocations to be inprocess invocations.
  • The government open source dynamic
    Some info on what Venezuela is doing. The momentum for government adoption of open source appears to be increasing.
  • I, Cringely: Betting a Billion
    A good summary of his predictions and results for 2004 and what he’s thinking will happen in 2005.
  • Jon Udell: Year of the enterprise Wiki
    As I mention above, I have a lot of hope for the Wiki concept as the next big thing after blogs (they’ll be an overnight successs after two decades). I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how my new group can use Wikis to streamline how we build and then maintain information about our activities without central content plice. I’ll report on this as it progresses or if it appears to be untenable.

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