Getting Organized, Part 2

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closet before bookcaseLast weekend I built a bookcase to be installed into the large closet off our family room. I also added a light, something I’ve been wanting to do for 5 years. I installed the bookcase yesterday after giving it 2 coats of white semi-gloss paint. As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as “one coat paint.” I always seem to need more than one coat with the possible exception of exterior paint. I meant to take a photo of the new bookcase and include it here, but I forgot and so will do it later in the week. The photo on the right is a “before” photo of the closet.

This particular set of shelves will be used for all those things I want to get out of the built-in bookcases in the main room, things like LPs and catalogs. This will allow me to bring down some of the boxes of books from the attic and have the books more readily available. At some point I’ll also be building some more built-in shelves in the main room, but I’ve got a couple of projects to do before I get to that.

The other project for this weekend was the beginning of a revamp of the website, of which this blog is a part. I did several things here, including switching it over to PHP. This allowed me to simplify part of the blog insertion because everything now shares a common CSS file, headers, and sidebars. Not everything is working just right yet, since I can’t seem to get BlogSpot to generate PHP files for everything, particularly the pages for previous entries. I also need to tweak the CSS file a bit more. In any case, it is coming along. You can click the various internal links on the sidebar up on the left if you want to see what it all looks like. I’ve got more to add, but I needed to redo the foundation before I do that.

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