How open will you be in 5 years? More than now, I hope.

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I just finished my second full day on this trip and I’m pretty tired. I’ve talked to a lot of people on the general themes of open standards, open source, OpenDocument Format, and innovation. One question I like to ask people with whom I speak is what they think their company or their organization or government will be like in five years with respect to standards and open source. Without exception, everyone thinks they will be using more open source. I had a good discussion today at a roundtable about why “how do you define an open standard?” is the wrong question. The right question is “how can you tell when one standard is more open than another and what criteria do you use?”. I’ve gone into these criteria earlier in this blog and will not repeat myself here, but they are still holding up quite well. And yes, in case you were wondering, OpenDocument still measures as being significantly more open than what is being done in ECMA.

It’s not even close.

I continue to tweak this blog to prep it as the primary blog for the May 15 migration from my IBM-based blog. When I get back home I’ll turn on comments with the anti-spam measures and we’ll see how it goes. In the meanwhile I’ve added some extra information at the bottom of the feeds and made it easier to invoke against a particular entry. I learned long ago that I could make little changes to the CSS and the PHP for the website for hours on end instead of doing useful things like sleeping. It’s time for sleep, though, and I’ll sign off for the night.

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