ODF and ISO, perfect together

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Andy Updegrove is reporting, and comments from insiders evidently confirm, that ODF has successfully gone through the balloting phase in the ISO. The ODF Alliance, now with more 150 members, has issued a press release praising this success.

When we see the final and official announcement it will very interesting to see who voted and how.

ODF was mentioned frequently today at the conference in Bangkok. The presentation materials are here, and check back for some of the comments from Prof. Dr. Pairash Thajchayapong, Chairman of Campaign for Open Standards in Thailand, Former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology, and H.E. Dr.Pravich Rattanapian, Minister of Science and Technology.

Regarding ODF and the ISO, I’ll publish more thoughts when it is publicly official and I can talk about the numbers, but I would like to personally thank all the many hundreds of people in the standards organizations around the world who supported this very important standard.

I’m not going to wax poetic about this being an important milestone, and so forth, because I’ve already said several hundred words in this regard. Let me just sum it up with this: ODF becoming an international open standard has itself significantly raised the bar for what it means to be “open” and what it means to be a “standard.” I predict that within the year we will see significant domestic and international government policy changes that will require ODF for intra-government document sharing.

So bravo to eveyone for this achievement, but the work has just begun. That said, today the world became just a little bit more open.

Update: I’ve added the links to the opening speeches from Bangkok.

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