Liquid extortion

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A long time ago I did an entry about free wireless in hotels and airports (which I think is a very GOOD idea), or at least having services that are reasonably priced. I mentioned that at the Rochester, NY, airport the wireless is free. I’m sitting in Narita airport outside Tokyo as I write this and it costs 500 Ą (about $4.40 US) for 24 hours worth of connection. That is reasonable, and I’m not complaining. In some hotels in Europe or Asia it is not uncommon to see the cost rise up to $15 or even more that $20 for a day’s worth. Too much. My sister Ruthanne pointed out that as hotels are making less money on long distance phone calls because so many people have mobile phones, they are looking for other ways to get some money here and there. (For ways that airlines are also experimenting with the same idea, you might want to look at the Yu Hu Stewardess blog.)

Anyway, this rant is about how much it costs for bottled water in hotel rooms. Sometimes it is free, as it was in the hotels I stayed at in India, Japan, China, and Taiwan recently. That’s good. In Bangkok, the bottle, which looked to be about 12 ounces, was about $2.90 (110 baht). A bit pricey. The champion, though, is some hotel I stayed on the East Coast of the US which wanted $5.50 for perhaps a 20 ounce bottle. This is ridiculous, especially because the water coming from the tap was perfectly safe, and the bottled water was just some domestic brand, not even some fancy imported type. Is this how people spend their expense accounts? I would love to know how many of these overpriced products are actually being sold. For me, I’ll stick to the open source stuff coming out of the faucet, assuming it is bug free.

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  1. A hotel I stayed at recently in NYC had a water bar- six different kinds of bottled water available, none less than $5 a bottle. All insane.

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