First day of the rest of my blogging life

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As I’ve announced several times over on my IBM developerWorks blog, effective today I will only be blogging on my site, both in this “Open Blog” as well as over in the “Personal Blog.” This should make my life a little easier since I won’t have to publish the entries twice, but also give me more control over what I do with my content, both in terms on processing and display.

I’m not moving off dW because of any problems there, I simply want to have all my “stuff” in one place. I think this site has evolved enough so that I have the infrastructure here to what I want, but it will continue to change and, I hope, get better.

I want to thank the folks over at the dW site for all the support they have given me over the time since I started blogging there in August of 2004. They dealt with all the day-to-day issues as well as did a big upgrade to Roller. I’m on my own over here, but I’ve become pretty confident that WordPress is up to the task. In addition, I’ve managed to learn PHP, so that’s a plus of sorts. I’ve also learned more about CSS than I probably ever wanted to learn, including the somewhat shocking truth about popular yet amazingly backlevel browsers (you know who you are).

It’s possible that at sometime in the future dW will will pick up the feed from this blog and publish that, but this is home now, so time to get comfortable and settle in.

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