ODF picking up speed in Malaysia, proposed to be a national standard by end of year

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Hasan is reporting today in the Open Malaysia blog that the OpenDocument Format has been proposed to become a Malaysian Standard by the end of this year. Nice work, folks!

We hope to repeat this about a hundred or so more times around the world. Looking good.

A couple of updates: David Berlind mentions the Malaysia work in his blog entry over at ZDNet: “OpenDocument camp in full-court press with ‘100 or so’ countries?.” The work we (and here “we” equals ODF supporters from many organizations, not just IBM and one or two other companies) are doing is with the various local standards folks in the countries around the world. Also, and I think I mentioned this before, Hasan works for IBM but the Open Malaysia blog has contributors who do not work for us. Let me know if you have any questions.

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