Denmark: We could save $94M over 5 years with ODF [and OpenOffice]

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John G�tze has a blog entry about savings Denmark could realize if they switch to ODF and OpenOffice instead of going with an updated Microsoft Office and Open XML. Sam Hiser has a followup blog entry.

When you read John’s entry note that there are several sets of numbers quoted, such for one part of the government vs. the entire public sector. Comments and questions are probably best addressed to John.


  1. Bob,

    The headline seems like it could be misleading. Is it using ODF or using Open Office that would save them money? I highly suspect it’s the latter.

    ODF and Open Office should not be used interchangeably…

  2. It was the combination of ODF and OpenOffice. I’ll change the title. Good catch. John can tell us more. I have a link the report, but it is in Danish.

  3. Swash utters the first question when it comes to the cash cost assumptions in office suite migration scenarios.

    A quick glance at the cost comparisons indicates significant costs being allocated to the migration to ODF, so the Danes are not smoking hemp.

    Perhaps we’ll learn more eventually, from John among others, about the precise assumptions; however, as more of these cases emerge we will see the assumptions experience a mean reversion — particularly when best practices become established: policy v. legislation, silent-policy v. overt policy, training v. no-training, some support v. a lot of support…etc., etc.

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