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Some colleagues and I were talking this morning and someone asked what open source ODF projects were going on at SourceForge. So we decided to take a look. Here are four searches where you can examine the same lists we saw for SourceForge and Google Code Projects:

These lists will change over time and the SourceForge list, in particular, will increase once our ODF/accessibility contest gets into Phase 2. In the meanwhile, here are links to a few of the ones that intrigued me: docvert, perlodfconv, AODL, OpenDocumentPHP, Opyo (Python!), ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word (this is the one that Microsoft is sponsoring), odfgrep, and pdf2oo. There are others; I just picked a few. I’m not endorsing any of them, but they might be worth a look if you need what they do. The MS project in particular has provoked a fair amount of controversy.

There are other open source projects involving ODF as well. OpenOffice.org comes immediately to mind. You should also take a look at the list of applications at the OpenDocument Fellowship. Many of those are open source. (Incidentally, the OpenDocument Fellowship website is looking really good these days.)


  1. Bob thanks for the compliment on the website. Daniel Carrera and others have been hard at work on getting useful information together. I would also like to point you to our news page. Some donations that have recently come in have allowed us to prepare tenders for projects that we have targeted to enhance development of ODF.


  2. Thanks for the kind comments :)
    You might be interested in the Fellowship’s open source projects:

    The most interesting ones are an ODF toolkit and the ODF viewer.


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