Stair spindles – “C” wins – Halfway home

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Thanks to all of you who offered your opinions on the design of the spindles for the railings over the steps for the back porch I have been building in my spare time these last three months. Half of the spindles are now built and installed.

Here is the porch with the 8 spindles installed on the left side. I used one 3 inch exterior screw through the top railing and two galvanized 6 penny nails toenailed into the bottom railing for each spindle.

Rather than use a countersink for the screws I decided to use a 3/8 inch Forstner bit to drill a hole that let me set the screws below the surface of the wood. The result is much neater and the holes I need to fill are smaller. These holes will require two or three applications of wood filler and then sanding before primer and final paint.

Backporch railing construction
This shot shows the angled stop chamfers on the spindles. Backporch railing construction
Here’s a close-up from the other side. Backporch railing construction

I’ve already cut the spindles to length for the other side, so tomorrow I will route the chamfers and then prime and paint the spindles. Weather permitting, they’ll go up by Monday or Tuesday. After that, it will be sanding the wood filler and finishing the painting. I’m going to give the landing and steps two coats of dark gray flooring paint. While the light gray is nice, it just gets too dirty in day-to-day use.

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