Websphere CE 1.1 now available

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Websphere software

My IBM colleague Bharath Duggirala from Bangalore just reminded me that WebSphere Application Server Community Edition was released last week in its Version 1.1 edition. The download includes 30 days of free support.

Websphere CE is based on the open source Apache Geronimo web application server.


  1. I downloaded the previous release of WebSphere CE, hearing that it was the open source edition, only to find there wasn’t any indication of just where I could ge the source code, and anyway the license didn’t happen to be any of the OSI-approved licenses.

    Would you be able to clear up a bit of confusion here? I’m not sure if WebSphere CE should be touted as “containing” open source software, or “is” open source software – because the download site touts it as “containing” open source software, but IBM evangelists tout it as “being” open source software.


  2. Wesley, let me get you an answer from someone on the team.

  3. WebSphere Application Server Community Edition is based on Apache Geronimo. You can think of it as IBM’s distribution of Geronimo. WAS CE is covered by an IBM licence (not an open source licence) that permits full usage of the product for commercial deployment at no charge. Support is purchased separately. You can find the source code for the open source packages included in WAS CE over here: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/wasce/V1.1.0/en/Concepts/OpenSource.html

  4. Thanks. That clears it up.

    Has IBM ever approached Non-Profits offering to help set them up with WAS CE? From what I know of Non-Profits, it sounds right up their alley.

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