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A colleague just pointed me to the New York Times article by Steve Lohr that came out on Saturday called “Is Windows Near End of Its Run?”. (Registration or subscription might be required.) I’ll let you read it and draw your own conclusions, but statements like

Windows Vista and Office 2007, according to industry analysts, may be the last time Microsoft can really cash in on these lucrative personal computer products, as software is increasingly distributed, developed and used on the Internet.

echo both what was happening at the Office 2.0 conference last week as well as some of the things I have said about changes in the office suite market.

Incidentally, although I mentioned it at some point on my second panel at the Office 2.0 conference, there was virtually no other discussion of OpenOffice and how it will influence or be influenced by any shift to online document creation and editing. There should be.


  1. Well, what was discussed was the need for the ability to edit and otherwise work offline. I maintain that the experience needs to be as seamless as possible as connectivity comes and goes, but if OpenOffice worked really nicely with the online storage and could synchronize with that via, say, web services interfaces, then it could really start to place in the Office 2.0 world as well.

    For example, if you and a friend were both using OO and could collaborate while online and work independently when not, that might be cool. Not everything will be done in a browser. Besides Java-based rich client apps, there should be a place for web-savvy desktop applications. Standards that would allow any ODF- supporting app to collaborate with another one would be really cool.

  2. Well, if one needs to work seamlessly on-offline in collaboration, the first question should be: what tools are there available under the GPL or compatible license that fulfill at least some part of that requirement? OOo’s the chosen editing component, or at least, a major part of it. What type of collaboration software? I’ve had a cursory look at the RSS feed mechanism, but that was a while ago and I didn’t write anything down. What particular revision control software? Is it to be distributed or centralized? Or both, depending on configuration? Etc …

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