Firefox 2.0 RC3

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Just ahead of the final release of Firefox 2.0, I decided to download RC 3 and take it for a ride. Verdict: very nice look and feel, great stability, but where are my extensions?

Actually, I know where some of my favorite extensions are, they’re back in Firefox 1.5 land. Presumably the “different enough” architecture of 2.0 requires some rework or at least validation of the extensions, but I’m hoping they come along soon. Some of the ones that I’ve some to rely on but which are not yet available are:

  • Bookmarks Synchronizer
  • Clear Cache Button
  • Colorful Tabs
  • Copy Plain Text
  • (I really need this one, though there is a work around) [Updated on 10/25]
  • Feedview
  • Reveal
  • Slim Extension List
  • Tabbrowser Preferences [Updated on 10/25]
  • View Formatted Source

One extension that I’ve uninstalled is Google Browser Sync. It was ok, but it really didn’t do much for me that I needed that a combination of a couple of other extensions didn’t handle. Plus, I kind of felt I was being watched (though what do you do on the Internet these days that doesn’t fall into that category). Finally, I didn’t like the idea that I could only be logged into one browser and computer at a time. When I’m in my home office, I often have both my laptop and my desktop going at the same time, as I do at this moment.

I really like the close buttons on the tabs since that’s probably the one thing I wanted in version 1.5. Undoubtedly there was an extension out there somewhere that added that, but it’s nice that it’s just part of the browser now.


  1. Bob, the Tabmix Plus extension allows adding close buttons to each tab, undoing a close tab. etc for 1.5 and (I think ) earlier.

    Btw, Lotus Notes has had that usability model right for a long long time now. Both the close on the tab and the tabbed document interface in general. Beats the clunky one document at a time model of most windows applications like Office. Glad the IBM productivity editors adapted it as well – much more productive interface. The save and restore tabs added in 7.0 also means you can maintain your context across sessions.

  2. Years ago, when Office users kept “losing” their documents because they were in another window and wouldn’t read the help, (which would have told them that all they had to do was drop down the window menu item), MS went to the “other window on the Windows start bar” mode instead of “tabs” mode. Going to tabs in IE7 must be killing them because it means that they are acknowledging that they screwed up when they didn’t implement tabs way back when in Office.

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