New IBM Open Source site

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IBM has just put up a new site devoted to Open Source and business. Here’s some info about what we’ve put up so far:

This is IBM’s first Web site solely devoted to Open Source and acts as a starting point to engage all levels of IT with prerequisite information to begin an Open Source discussion. The portal covers the following topics:

  • IBM and Open Source innovation – integrating Open Source software into your IT strategy alongside private source software
  • Open Source relevance to the IT industry – the Open Source survey affords customers a concise snapshot of recent Open Source integration by industry and company size
  • Open Source and Open standards – a white paper located in the “About Open Source” section covers the role these entities play
  • Key access to Open Source links – key web site referrals
  • Articles on Open Source – Open Source articles from the Linux Executive Report magazine

It’s hard to think of any part of IBM’s business that is not now affected by open source, and that translates to what we can provide to our customers. This site should be your starting point to learn all about what IBM can offer related to open source.


  1. “This is IBM’s first Web site solely devoted to Open Source”

    dW/OSS (the developerWorks Open Source Server) and the dW Open Source Zone that supported it may be dead now, but it did exist for a number of years, it was solely devoted to Open Source, and it got hundreds of thousands of visits a week on some occasions, even at the end when funding had been slashed and it was limping along on life support it was fairly heavily visited.

  2. OK, closer to home, a reasonable question is ‘Should IBM open-source Lotus Notes ?’

    That is, if you buy Lotus Notes from IBM (however that works), should you get a set of CDs with source code in the box, and permission to do something with the CDs ?

    On the ‘pro’ side, it would clearly be good for IBM’s clients if they could run their Lotus Notes on a Microsoft XBox … if that was what they happened to have in front of them, when the collaborating professionals wanted to collaborate professionally. But waiting for IBM to do it might be a case of ‘as soon as Hell has frozen over’, and letting a client make it work for himself/herself might be quicker and easier for all concerned.

    On the ‘con’ side, maybe no-one would pay IBM for Lotus Notes. I guess that depends why you think people buy IBM Lotus Notes; certainly they do pay IBM for it, by the million.

    Do people want the software, or do they want the service ?

    So, it would drive innovation. But would it kill the business along the way ?

  3. Nice site, but… i think is missing a link to the opensource community site for lotus notes and domino ( )?

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