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We’re now less than two weeks from Election Day in the US, and that means a lot of activity in our household. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife Judith Hunter is running for the New York State Assembly. This means that all my spare time for the last week or so and continuing through November 7 has and will be related to helping out her campaign.

I won’t go into detail about what this means now, because these sorts of activities are, let’s face it, competitive intelligence. Afterwards, however, I think I’ll have blog fodder for several months of occasional entries.

When I have had a few minutes to tinker, I’ve been playing around with the latest release candidate for Ubuntu. It feels fine and robust, but a couple of things have happened with this and the previous release that have me worried. Both of the problems have been with Java applications, including lockups and one JVM crash. I haven’t seen either of these issues with the same applications running Java under Windows XP. Has anyone else had problems with Java under Ubuntu? Other Linuxes?

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  1. Dear Bob,
    AFAIK, Ubuntu (as many other Linux distros) comes with GNU Java, not with Sun Java, because of its proprietary license. Since most Java applications are optimized for Sun’s, you might want to install it by hand.
    Best regards,

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